G’day, my name is Mark and I am a father of two young girls (3 y.o toddler and 3.5 month old baby) and husband to an amazing and supportive wife. Our little family lives a faith filled life, in pursuit of a loving and wondrous God.

I have been teaching ten years now across Catholic schools in Western Sydney, NSW Australia. Over the years I have been teaching, I have been given many opportunities to lead my colleagues and currently hold a leadership team position.

I presently teach Year 1 and also am training to be an early year’s numeracy intervention specialist. I am half way through the first of two years into the training and am finding it a challenge that has developed my PCK in Mathematics.

So why blog? Well it’s not my first rodeo. I’ve experimented with blogging in a few different formats. I participated in some Web 2.0 courses where blogging with students was in vogue. I tried to blog as a teacher about a class and our daily experiences. And then I tried to blog about teaching. Each of these experiences fell flat on the floor as I felt a brief flurry of excitement then it eventually stopped.

This time though l, I think I’m on the cusp of finding my ‘why’ teaching, learning and leadership, and I want to share it with colleagues, peers and a greater community.